<a href="/boats/saver690">Saver Italy 690 Open</a>

Saver Italy 690 Open

High performance speedboat

For those who loves speed and sea adventures. Wether you head east of west from Sumartin, you will find a great number of small pebble beaches, coves and bayes.

<a href="/boats/quicksilver535">Quicksilver Active 535</a>

Quicksilver Active 535

Travel fast and in style

Travel from one beach to another, between islands. Find the most beautiful places in our area, beaches and coves with small restaurants serving fresh fish and local specialities.

<a href="/boats/primus-marine-robinzon-23">Primus Marine Robinzon 23</a>

Primus Marine Robinzon 23

Easy explorer

You don't need to sail far to discover hidden coves and bays with crystal clear water and beaches surrounded by wooded steep sided slopes, in shades as well as sun.

“Best way to discover the beauty of middle Adriatic islands and to explore it's lagoons and hidden beaches.”